0.4.3 (2016-02-10)

0.4.2 (2016-02-10)


  • Python 3 compatibility (requires Django >= 1.6)
  • Fix duplicated forward slashes in urls


  • Migration from Bitbucket (Mercurial) to Github
  • Refactored main view using Django class-based views (see HttpProxy)
  • Removed basic authentication support (PROXY_USER and PROXY_PASSWORD); may be added back later on.
  • Finally merged back Django 1.6 fixes by Petr Dlouhý (thanks!)
  • Merged pull request from Garrett Seward (thanks!)
  • Added Django 1.7 compatibility
  • Added database migrations (Django 1.7 and higher only)
  • Updated and improvement the documentation (including API documentation)
  • Added an example project for reference
  • Using urllib2 instead of httplib2
  • Using setuptools instead of distutils
  • Using versioneer2 for package versioning
  • Removed some unused imports and did some further code cleanup


  • Limited display of request querystring in admin screen to 50 characters


  • Fixed 250 character limitation for querystring in Recorded Request (issue #2)
  • Added new Request Parameter model; requires ./ reset httpproxy && ./ syncdb


  • Fixed Python 2.5 support by removing use of __package__
  • Implemented request path “normalization”, fixing record and playback if the proxy is URL-configured anywhere other than directly in the root.
  • Added experimental PROXY_REWRITE_RESPONSES settings to fix paths to resources (images, javascript, etc) on the same domain if httproxy is not configured at the root.


  • Removed print statement I accidentally left behind.


  • Fixed issue #1; Unsupported content types are now silently ignored.
  • Added PROXY_IGNORE_UNSUPPORTED setting to control the behavior for handling unsupported responses.


  • Added recording and playback functionality
  • Improved handling of httpproxy-specific settings
  • Started using Sphinx for documentation